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Products Our products can be sourced to exact customer specifications worldwide whether for retail, wholesale or futher processing.

Allspice whole Dill tips Parsnip
Allspice ground Fenugreek seeds Peppermint
Basil leaves Fenugreek seeds ground Red bell pepper
Black mustard seeds Flax seeds/Linseeds Red pepper ground 100 ASTA
Black mustard seeds ground Garlic flakes Red pepper ground 120 ASTA
Black pepper – broken Garlic granules Red pepper ground 140 ASTA
Black pepper ground Garlic powder Red pepper ground 160 ASTA
Black pepper whole 500 g/l Ginger ground Red pepper ground 60 ASTA
Black pepper whole 550 g/l Ginger root Red pepper ground 80 ASTA
Black pepper whole 560 g/l ASTA Green bell pepper Rosemary
Cardamon ground Green bell pepper ground Rye
Cardamon whole Hot red pepper Savory
Carrot Hot red pepper – smoked Savory ground
Celery leaves Hot red pepper ground Star anis
Chickpea Laurel leaves – bale Thyme
Cinnamon powder Laurel leaves – carton Turmeric powder
Cloves ground Lovage Vanilla sticks
Cloves whole Nutmeg ground Wheat
Coriander ground Nutmeg whole White pepper ground
Coriander seeds Onion flakes White pepper whole 630 g/l
Cumin seeds Onion granule Yellow mustard ground
Cumin seeds broken Onion powder Yellow mustard seeds
Cumin seeds ground Oregano leaves
Dill seeds Parsley leaves